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J-Lead Forming of a MOSFET Transistor for the Military Industry

Tintronics completed the J-lead Forming of a MOSFET transistor, which is used in a high-efficiency switching application for a military client. The company employed a custom-designed forming die, a bench-top lead form press and a manual hot solder dip station. The parts meet tight tolerances of .161” ±.010” from the lead exit to the inside bend and .050” ±.030” on the radius. The primary processes, lead forming and tinning, and the secondary processes, lead scanning and visual and final inspections, ensured the parts met the customer-supplied specifications as well as the IPC J-STD-001, IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 standards. The production runs were low-volume. J-Lead Forming of a MOSFET Transistor for the Military Industry

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Project Highlights for this MOSFET Transistor for the Military

Product Description This MOSFET transistor is used within a high
efficiency switching application
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Lead Forming
Lead Scanning
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Custom designed forming die
Benchtop lead form press
Manual hot solder dip station
Package Style TO-247
Tightest Tolerances Lead exit to inside bend .161 ±.010
Radius .050 ±.030
Material of Leads Plated copper alloy
Material Used Sn63 Pb37 solder
In process testing performed Visual Inspection
Final Inspection
Industry for Use Defense
Quantity Low volume
Standards Met
Customer supplied specifications
Project Name J-Lead Forming of MOSFET Transistor

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