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Nail Head Pin in Surface Mount Tape Carrier for the Military Industry

Custom Tape

Tintronics completed a Nail Head Pin in a surface mount tape carrier on a board assembly application for a military client. The company used a custom-designed 16 mm embossed carrier and completed visual and final inspections. The Nail Head Pin met extremely tight tolerances of A=.76 mm + .5 mm, B=.76 mm + .5 mm and K=4.19 mm as well as EIA-481 and customer-supplied specifications. Surface mount tape and reel equipment was used to package the components. The production runs were high-volume.

Project Highlights for Surface Mount Tape Carrier for the Military

Product DescriptionNail Head Pin used for Board Assembly application
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
Tape & Reel Packaging
Equipment Used to Package ComponentsSurface Mount Tape and Reel equipment
Tightest TolerancesA=.76 mm + .5 mm
B=.76 mm + .5 mm
K=4.19 mm
Material UsedCustom designed 16 mm embossed carrier
In process testing performedVisual Inspection
Final Inspection
Industry for UseDefense
QuantityHigh volume
Standards MetCustomer supplied specifications
Project NameNail Head Pin in Surface Mount Tape Carrier